Protection Eye Amulets

Protection Eye Amulets

Protection Eye Amulet/Charm: To hinder the evil eye, the Turkish people created the Nazar charm (The eye of the Divine) and the protector of whom it adorns. The point of the Protection eye is to repel evil spirits and the negative vibrations of the world around us.  So,it is all about protection.

People began to hang the Protection Eye charm almost on everything from their pets to their children. It’s also a common practice to wear them and put them around the house.

the dark blue color represents “Truth” and it is believed that “Truth” is the thing that stops “Evil” around us. 

 Over time, the charm will wear and crack. This isn’t a bad omen. It means that the beads have done the job, and you’re safe. As soon as the bead breaks, you’ll need to get another one to replace it and keep the protection to be sure that the evil spirits don’t come back.

Please note that we can’t guarantee they will ward off all evils or protect you from harm, but we can promise they will bring a bit of a color and fun to your home or garden.