Annat Handmade Unisex Bracelet

Annat Handmade Unisex Bracelet

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- Total Bracelet Length: Adjustable

- Silver
- Jade, Onyx, Bronze
- Old Afghan chain


Made with love by hand, in collaboration with local Turkish jewllery maker woman in Istanbul, Turkey.

This unique bracelet is featuring a stunning Jade, Onyx and Bronze stones..

Each jewllery piece is accompanied with a beautiful jewelry bag made from the offcuts of our handwoven fabrics. 

Jade is believed to bring luck. Onyx can be used for grounding, protection, and self-control, and as a shield against negative energy.

Please note: that our Handmade Jewellery pieces, just like our handwoven Turkish Towels and Kilim textiles, is created  in a way that get more and more better with age. The work of these hand-crafted items are made to change with your skin's oil, water and soaps from frequent wear.

If you keep wearing them, they will get more and more beautiful with time.