Traditional Turkish Ceramic Painting Workshop


We're so excited to be running our first Traditional Turkish Ceramic Painting (underglaze) Workshop to help you take that leap into learning how to paint ceramic in 2023.

The art of Turkish tile and ceramic-making developed over the centuries incorporating many different techniques and styles. Using a different type of paint and glaze from the usual ceramic materials. Turkish ceramic painting is truly such a fun, unique and creative skill to learn.

In this workshop you will briefly learn the history of traditional Turkish ceramic painting as well as how to paint your ceramic correctly using Turkish ceramic paint and brushes. We hope to send you off with all the skills and knowledge of ceramic painting and the confidence to start your own project.

All materials are included during the workshop. Once you are finished painting your ceramic bisque, we will then glaze and fire it for you and it will be ready for pick up in 14 business days.

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those wanting to refresh their skills.


Ceramic Plate (18cm in diameter)


Paints (derived from soil and plants)

We have two other plate sizes and a mug and saucer set and another small size for kids only. If you would like to switch out the 18 cm ceramic plate that is provided in the ticket, then you can pay the difference in store before the workshop starts. All of our ceramics and glaze is food safe.

Ceramic Plate (25cm in diameter): extra $15.00 + tax

Ceramic Plate (30cm in diameter): extra $25.00 + tax

Mug & Saucer Set: extra $25.00 + tax

We will also provide some refreshments and snacks.

To book your tickets please check the link below: