Charm Unisex Handmade Bracelet
Charm Unisex Handmade Bracelet
Charm Unisex Handmade Bracelet

Charm Unisex Handmade Bracelet

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- Total Bracelet Length: 18 cm

- Bronze, 24 Karat gold plated

- Leather


Made with love by hand, in collaboration with local Turkish jewllery maker woman in Istanbul, Turkey. 

This unique bracelet is featuring a stunning Bronze circle designed amulet with gold plated finish . 

Each jewllery piece is accompanied with a beautiful jewelry bag made from the offcuts of our handwoven fabrics. 

Bronze has meaning and properties of improving its owner's vitality. It is an amulet that can improve unmotivated and passive situations.It would warm your cold heart. You can get a chance to make a new step forwrad.

A little charm that keeps us all in inner peace, connected, and protected with the comfort of historical cutlure. 

Please note: that our Handmade Jewellery pieces, just like our handwoven Turkish Towels and Kilim textiles, is created  in a way that get more and more better with age. The work of these hand-crafted items are made to change with your skin's oil, water and soaps from frequent wear.

If you keep wearing them, they will get more and more beautiful with time.