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New Arrivals

Here at Soumak, we are constantly on the hunt for unique treasures that will capture your heart and elevate your lifestyle. Our new arrivals collection is like unwrapping a delightful gift, filled with carefully curated items we know you or your loved ones will adore. We are excited to share these fresh finds with you, and we cannot wait to see how you will make them your own.
Handpainted Ceramic-Frame Mirror Handpainted Ceramic-Frame Mirror
Handpainted Ceramic-Frame Mirror
Regular price $85.00
Hikma Syrian Mosaic Backgammon & Chess Board Hikma Syrian Mosaic Backgammon & Chess Board
Sultana Grey Kaftan
Sultana Black Kilim Kaftan Sultana Black Kilim Kaftan
Belly Dance Hip Scarf Belly Dance Hip Scarf
Belly Dance Hip Scarf
Regular price $25.00
Sagat Set of Four Sagat Set of Four
Sagat Set of Four
Regular price $35.00