Our Story/Meet the Owners


On the left Rasha 

On the right Elvira                                                           



Soumak Boutique story took its rise in the Middle East. It was established in May 2021, by Rasha&Elvira, two passionate Middle Eastern women, who both hold their deep love and admiration to Middle Eastern handcraft art and culture. Having the same values pertinent to Middle East, they partnered to showcase a very rich culture and share the traditional handcraft while creating sustainable alternatives to the most practical and loved items of Middle East as well as reviving a heritage.

Soumak Boutique Idea was inspired after forming support groups of refugee women and adolescent girls, the groups had been created after the war in Syria and in cooperation with different humanitarian organizations. These women and girls were using their artisan skills to create beautiful handmade products that tell their stories of their refugee journey and reflect their beautiful and unique culture. It has been an arduous and yet very inspiring experience, which shows the incredible potentials that artisan women have despite their struggle. Fast forwards today, Soumak Boutique was created in Canada.
Rasha grew up in old Damascus and Elvira grew up in old Baku and Istanbul where beautiful craftsmanship of different kind of handmade arts including mosaic arts, textile, tapestry, pottery and ceramics, mother of pearl marquetry, wood engraving, and stone mosaic ….etc  are everywhere. Being far from this heritage culture and handicraft, a strong nostalgic emotion to Middle Eastern culture was created and they wanted to bring this over with them to Canada. They always wanted to keep humanity squarely in mind on any project they are involved with, that’s why empowering refugee and women artisans is part of their mission.

We take pride of being part of promoting this rich culture, reviving the heritage and educating people about the enlightenment on the Middle Eastern history and culture through artwork. We are also very proud to be a sustainable business with a strategic focus on producing goods that are made in small-batches and require a craftsman’s skill. We always make sure to create beauty, cozy and warm spirit in your or your child's ambiance.

We source 100% natural textiles and tapestry such as Turkish Towels, handwoven robes , Kilim bags/pillows, handwoven in Turkey by women from various marginalised villages, we also collaborate with different Syrian refugees residing in Canada who make Mosaic Syrian handcrafts and boardgames. Working with different craftspeople, weavers, jewellery makers, who have practiced their craft for generations, Soumak Boutique’s goal not only to support them in their craft and get the customer experience the Middle Eastern culture but also to be part of a conscious movement to offer the consumer an opportunity to shop consciously and to enjoy a long-lasting product of a special beauty that brings into life a tremendous history.