Hiro Vintage Kilim Rug
Hiro Vintage Kilim Rug

Hiro Vintage Kilim Rug

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- Vintage Piece from the 1960s
- Materials: Cotton, Wool
- Size: 3.2x1.7 ft. (98x52 cm)


Step into the past with our Vintage Handwoven Rug from the 1960s, a true piece of history crafted by experienced women artisans. This rug holds the charm of a bygone era, adding depth, earthiness, and a splash of color to your home décor.

With its organic fibers and pure colors, this area rug is a thoughtful choice for your living space. Its lightweight and reversible design not only make it enduring but also easy to clean. The high-quality yarn used in its creation ensures its durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including patio settings. Combining resilience with elegance, this rug is designed to withstand the test of time while remaining perpetually stylish.

Professionally washed and primed for use, this vintage rug carries the stories of generations past, adding character and allure to any space it graces.


Maintain the beauty of your vintage rug with these care instructions. Regularly vacuum the rug on both sides, using the appropriate setting to avoid any damage. Washing machines and dryers are not suitable for cleaning kilims. Opt for an outdoor washing approach using cold water from a hose on grass or gravel, allowing for proper drainage to prevent over-soaking. Use gentle, natural soap or baby shampoo to clean the kilim, avoiding harsh chemicals.


Due to the vintage nature of this rug, slight imperfections may be present, adding to its unique character and history.